We are upgrading!


We have re-branded and have a new unit.


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This website will be taken down soon.


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KupKoa Limited


Quality Churros & Chocolate


A true quality taste of Spain.

 Avaliable for -



KupKoa will cater for any event, we offer very competitive prices, feel free to ask for a no obligation quote.


Our Churros are Vegan! And we offer a vegan toffee sauce. So we can cater for vegetarian, Vegan and dairy intolerance.










Kupkoa was established in April 2013, we have a vast knowledge of providing excellence and quality. We will do our very best to cater to the needs of our customers.

Over the last 2 years we have catered for weddings, functions, food festivals etc. We have learnt alot and are taking that experience into the new year.

All our products are prepared fresh and cooked to order from our unit, which is mobile. 

KupKoa have decided to bring a true quality taste of spain to the UK.


The conventional way is to deep fry the churros, and we aim to bring the traditional taste to the UK. We cook traditional Churros, prepared in a gas open top fryer, to ensure that our churros are crispy, hot and delicious and dusted in sugar and cinnamon.



STAFF - All Our staff have completed a Level 2 Food Safety certificate, which is avaliable on request. Staff will always be in uniform, clean, fresh and happy to help. The company have full Liability insurance and are fully registered with companies house as a Limited company.








We only use our own blend of ingredients to create a thick, smooth and creamy Chocolate, this chocolate is prepared on site to ensure that its taste is perfect. Always served hot, the perfect temperature to dunk your churros.


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